Cover Up Tattoos

31 January 2022 / By FirmeCopias

Cover Up Tattoos

Did you know that you don't have to put up with an annoying tattoo that was poorly done before? Well, this is not a secret if you choose to visit us at Firme Copias, the best tattoo shop in San Antonio. We are proud of this title because we match the needs and fit the standards quite perfectly. With our dedicated and competent Tattoo Artist team in San Antonio, there is no mess we cannot fix. So what happens when you have a bad tattoo that irritates you whenever you see it? It's simple to get a cover tattoo professionally done by someone who knows what they are doing.

But What Exactly are Cover Tattoos?

These are tattoos that are done overexciting unwanted tattoos. To achieve the look one is going for, there is a need to get a great tattoo artist involved. Consider going to one of the best tattoo shops in San Antonio and inquiring what will work.

Are they Painful?

Yes, they can even be ten times more painful than the original tattoo. Think of it like someone going back to reopen a wound already healing. This is why you should always work with great San Antonio Tattoos experts like Firme Copias to select the right motif once and for all. Spare yourself the stress and pain of having to do a cover tattoo to hide the hideous one before it. However, if you must change the tattoo, visit caring tattoo shops like ours to have it done. Our artists will not promise any pain, but we will help make things comfortable and easier for you.

Which Tattoo Should You Choose for Coverup

Since this is a re-do, you are better off listening to an expert who handles such projects daily. Do not make rushed amateur decisions that lead to repeated work. Fortunately, this is not something that can happen at Firme Copias. Our tattoo artists are diligent and invested in their work that they would rather not handle a job if it is to be done shoddily. We often advise that the client goes for black and gray tattoos as cover ups because they have a better chance of concealing the existing work. This does not mean that any other tattoo style will not work. You can choose to go for any other type of tattoo, but this may mean attending two or three laser removal sessions first before a new tattoo is done. If you would like more information about tattoo designs and tattoos contact the tattoo experts at Firme Copias in San Antonio at 210-853-5479 or visit