Minimalist Tattoos

14 February 2022 / By FirmeCopias

Minimalist Tattoos

There are numerous San Antonio tattoos one could choose from. These depend on one's preference and the artist's recommendations. Sometimes you may walk into one of the tattoo shops in San Antonio, and the experts advise against it because of your complexion or other factors. Unless you insist on it and are ready to take responsibility for the outcome, the tattoo artist would advise differently even when it is not desirable. However, one will never go wrong with a category of tattoos. These are minimalist tattoos. As the name suggests, these are generally subtle tattoos and rarely shouting. They are appealing without being too bold or conspicuous and work perfectly for newbies or people who want to make a statement without overdoing it. They are often simple designs and patterns.

What are They?

If you visit the best tattoo shop in San Antonio, you will learn that minimalist tattoos are tattoos that use crisp black or colored lines, sparse color palettes, and negative space to convey a simple yet clean. They are often very diverse and can be anything from expensive to small elegant tattoos. However, the overall design and impact depend on the point being made. 

Do They Require Specific Locations on the Body?

If you work with the right tattoo artists in San Antonio, like those found in Firme Copias, you will discover that these tattoos are best placed in small areas. The expert artist will advise that you have the tattoo done along lines and on small areas of your body. For example, you have the tattoo behind the ears, on the inside part of your wrist, or along the collar bones. However, you want to be careful about having the tattoo on your back lest it is mistaken for freckles.

Do they Have a Limited Size?

The fact that they are minimalist means that these tattoos are automatically small. However, how big or small you want the tattoo to be is a matter of personal preference. Tattoo artists would advise going for small tattoos on the hand or writs and other sized minimalist tattoos on other appropriate locations. You need to know about these types of tattoos because they tend to fade a lot quicker than larger tattoos. On the other hand, they are also easy to replace and top up compared to larger ones, so there is no loss. It would help if you had the tattoo artist rework the original tattoo. The cost of the tattoos also varies depending on who does the tattoo and where you get it done. Either way, it should be affordable.  If you would like more information about tattoo designs and tattoos contact the tattoo experts at Firme Copias in San Antonio at 210-853-5479 or visit