31 January 2022 / By FirmeCopias


Firme Copias is one of the well-known tattoo shops in San Antonio. Apart from tattoos, we also have professionally done piercings. Our piercing experts use the safest method and best products and jewelry. This guarantees safe healing and speedy recovery. You should feel safe calling us for the best San Antonio tattoos and piercing. But what piercings should you go for? Are there any specific popular piercings that we can recommend?

Septum Piercing

While we take the position of the best tattoo shop in San Antonio, we are also proud that we have some of the best piercings around. Our tasks are professionally done, and you can trust that your piercings will serve you without any complications. We have discovered and can confirm that most people come to us for septum piercing in our life of work. This is the basic piercing that allows you to have a nose ring. Celebrities mostly inspire this trend. However, due to the delicate nature of the nostrils, you need to have the piercing done by someone skilled and professional. 

Nose Piercing

This is different from septum piercing. It is a simple piercing that often works as a statement piercing. It gives off a chic but sophisticated look that most celebrities love. It is the perfect piercing to get if you love to wear simple studs instead of large nose rings, which are the other alternative you could go for. The most important thing is to have the piercing done by someone who understands the process. Visit Firme Copias for this even as you inquire about your next tattoo from a great tattoo artist in San Antonio from our team. You can never go wrong with our experts. What's more, we will make you feel comfortable and safe.

Helix Piercing

This is the piercing located on the upper section of the ear. It helps accentuate one's look, especially when one wears the right earrings and studs. However, it should be carefully done to avoid complications prolonging the healing process. These piercings are loved because they offer a wide variety of options on which jewelry to wear. One can wear studs, gemstone crawlers, or even small hoops. The limitless possibilities make this type of piercings an excellent choice for many people. They are great for those who love a lot of glitter and jewelry. We will help you get there if this is who you are.  If you would like more information about tattoo designs and tattoos contact the tattoo experts at Firme Copias in San Antonio at 210-853-5479 or visit https://firmecopias.com/.