San Antonio Piercing Studio

The Best Piercers in San Antonio

Here at Firme Copias Tattoo Studio we have highly skilled body piercers that have over 15 years of combined experience. We only stock the highest grade jewelry for our clients. We follow strict piercing guild lines to ensure our clients have the best experience and a speedy recovery time. Please come in to one of our San Antonio piercing locations today. You can set up an appointment in advance or just come in as a walk in. Walk ins are always welcomed.

Body piercing is a type of body modification.

It is the act of puncturing or cutting a piece of the human body, making an opening in which a piece of jewelry might be worn. An ear piercings (through the delicate lower portion of the ear) is the most recognized piercing around the world. Other basic piercings are the eyebrow, nose, tongue, lip, belly button, genitals, and nipples.


Daith $65
Rook $65
Conch $65
Industrial $65
Lobes $55 Gem $75
Tragus $65
Nose $45 Gem $55

Eyebrow $45
Tongue $55
Tongue Scoop $65
Nipples $110
Surface Piercing $65
Navel $45 Gem $55
Septum $75

Cartlidge $45
Snug $65
Medusa $55 Gem $65
Lip $45 Gem $55
Snakebites/Spiderbites $85 Gem $105
Smiley $65
Genitals starting at $150