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Everyone struggles sometimes to convey their individuality and feel confident in themselves. Luckily, there’s a simple way to fix that.

Head on down to your local tattoo shop in Alamo Ranch, and you’ll be in the perfect place to add some tattoos or piercing to your look. There’s no better way to express yourself and show off your style.



Sure, you can go to the mall to get your ears pierced, but a much better place to go for all your piercings is a trusted tattoo shop. Why?

Tattoo shops, unlike kiosks at the mall or your local novelty store, adhere to the highest safety and cleanliness standards. That means that tattoo shops are actually some of the safest places to get your piercings.

In tattoo shops, the professional piercing your ears (or other body parts) will use a sterile piercing needle rather than a piercing gun. This is good news for you as the customer since establishments that use tattoo guns are not as tightly regulated.

You also have more piercing options when you go to a tattoo shop. You can get many different kinds of ear piercings beyond just an earlobe piercing. You could also choose a different kind of face piercing like an eyebrow piercing or cheek piercing. Other piercing options include tongue piercings, septum piercings, belly button piercings, nipple piercings, and lip piercings.

Each of these different piercings will have different healing times and after-care procedures. You can talk to the professionals at the tattoo shop you choose for more information about your piercing options.


How much does getting a tattoo cost?

A common question when discussing tattoos is, “how much does getting a tattoo cost?”

The honest answer is that it depends. The final cost of your tattoo will vary significantly based on several factors including the size of the tattoo, the level of detail, the placement of the tattoo, the tattoo shop you choose, the location of the tattoo shop, and the colors used.

A small, simple tattoo like an outline is likely to start somewhere between $60 and $100. As your tattoo gets larger and more complicated, that price will go up. The most expensive tattoos are the ones that cover a significant amount of the body like full back or full arm tattoos. These tattoos often take multiple sessions to finish.

It’s a good idea to discuss your tattoo plans with your tattoo artist and get an estimate of how much your exact tattoo will cost. That way, you won’t get any unpleasant surprises later. Don’t forget to include a tip for your tattoo artist, too.


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So, whether want to get a tattoo or go for a piercing instead, you can’t go wrong with Firme Copias, the best Tattoo Shop in Alamo Ranch.

Our expert staff, including professional tattoo artists, will help you execute your vision. We’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with your results and join our list of very happy customers!

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