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It’s always exciting to think about getting a tattoo, whether you’ve done it many times before or it’s going to be your first time.

Going to the best tattoo shop in Helotes will just make the experience (and the results!) that much better.

What to Expect While Getting a Tattoo

If you’ve never gotten a tattoo before, you may be curious or even apprehensive about what the process is like. Here’s what you can expect.

1. Before Arriving

Before you even show up at the tattoo parlor, you can pick out your design and the placement on your body. If you’re not sure what design you’d like, the tattoo artist can help come up with some ideas and add some input. One pro tip is to refer to your tattoo artist’s previous work (like on Instagram) to get inspired.

2. During the Appointment

Once you’re at the tattoo shop, your tattoo artist will ask for some identification to verify your age. You might also need to provide some contact information in case the tattoo studio needs to get in touch with you later.

This is also generally the point when you’ll need to pay for your tattoo as it’s customary to pay ahead of time. The payment options available to you will depend on the studio but however you pay, make sure to get a receipt.

The tattoo artist will bring you to a tattoo chair, either in a private room or a work area, and you’ll have some time to get comfortable. They will clean the area where you’re getting your tattoo with rubbing alcohol and shave any hair in the area with a new razor.

After the cleaning is done, the tattoo artist will usually use a stencil on your skin, giving you a chance to offer a final approval before they get started. The tattoo artist will prep the tattoo machine and all the necessary ink and then, it’s finally time to get your tattoo done.

If you’re worried about pain, know that the first minute is usually the toughest. Once you get through that, the pain won’t feel as intense. Before you know it, your tattoo will be done!

Before you leave, the tattoo artist will treat and bandage your fresh tattoo to keep it clean.

3. After the Appointment

Your tattoo artist will give you some aftercare instructions about how to properly care for your new tattoo. Make sure to follow all these instructions, even if they don’t seem necessary. Preventing infections is well worth the effort of going through all the given aftercare steps.

To keep your tattoo from fading over time, make sure you use sunscreen on the area every day and try not to expose the tattoo to the sun for long periods.

That’s it!

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So, come on down to Firme Copias, the best tattoo shop in Helotes, to get your next tattoo. Whether it’s your first tattoo or one of many, we’ll make the experience relaxing and memorable!

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