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Scheduling your tattoo appointment can be very exciting. Prior to your appointment, we recommend doing research and finding inspiration for your tattoo design. A tattoo is something that will last forever, and so the Tattoo Artists at Firme Copias want you to feel confident and happy with the results.

Being Indecisive

When you enter a tattoo shop and are expecting to walk out with a tattoo, then you need to know what you want. You should not expect the tattoo artist to decide for you. When you have a design idea, you can have the tattoo artist help improve it so that it can look its best.

Bringing Other Artist’s Work

When you visit a tattoo artist, the work should consist of what the artist provides through their portfolio and not another tattoo shop. Remaining unique and having a tattoo your artist offers will allow you to avoid any potential problems.

Backing Out At The Last Minute

When you go as far as deciding on the tattoo that you wish to have and scheduling a time to have it and then backing out at the last minute will cause a lot of turmoil. Not only is this frowned upon, but you risk being barred from the tattoo shop in the future.

You also need to understand that the design will already be prepared ahead of time. Because of this, you should avoid wanting a different design or to have your design changed.

Although you may feel stressed about the entire tattoo process, you will not be pressured into having the tattoo. However, you have an opportunity to not get your tattoo prior to making the appointment.

Refusing To Pay The Cost Of The Tattoo

As part of the scheduling process, you should be aware of the tattoo price and it needs to be agreed upon in writing. You also should not expect any favors or try to negotiate the price after the fact. You need to have a good amount of respect for the artist’s creativity and the price will reflect this creativity. You need to realize that a tattoo will be expensive since there is a lot involved.

Leave Your Group Of Friends At Home

Of course, having a friend come to keep you comforted is ok, but you need to keep your group of friends at home waiting for you. If a group of friends attends your tattooing, there could be a disruption for other artists who are concentrating on other clients. Plus, you need to understand that the space in a tattoo shop is limited.

See Your Tattoo Take Shape

By having your tattoo take shape at Firme Copias, you will love how your top tattoo shop in Lackland provides you with the perfect tattoo. When you are ready, give us a call to schedule your perfect tattoo.

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Location Nearest You

  • Lackland Air Force Base, part of Joint Base San Antonio, is known as “Gateway to the Air Force.
  • The facility was named Lackland AFB after Brigadier General Frank Lackland, who was commissioned into the regular Army after serving in the District of Columbia National Guard.
  • Lackland was once part of Kelly Field but changed in 1942 and became San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center

Although there are no current residents of note here are some individuals who trained on the base

  • Willie Nelson – Musician
  • John Williams – ‘Star Wars’ Composer
  • Sunny Anderson – Food Network chef
  • Universal City
  • Leon Valley
  • Kirby

Kel-Lac Park Transit center – a public transportation center. Facility offers real-time, next-bus information, digital planning kiosks, ticket vending machines, and a full-service information center.

29.3862° N, 98.6179° W