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Firme Copia’s newest tattoo shop is located in the Northwoods shopping area. At Northwood’s Best Tattoo Shop, Firmes Copias is able to provide clients with a unique piercing experience. So if you are indecisive about where you want your tattoo located, we’ll share the popular areas to get a tattoo. Our San Antonio Tattoo Shop has the best tattoo artists and is ready to help bring your tattoo vision to life. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

The Chest

The front chest is a great spot that allows you to have a canvas for your tattoo and can consist of any style or design. Also, there is minimal pain and the tattoo can be covered easily in case they need to be hidden just by wearing a shirt.

In order for the tattoo artist to perform the tattoo properly, the area needs to be shaven beforehand. Plus, if you have a lot of chest hair, you may need to keep it shaven in order for the tattoo to remain seen and enjoyed.

The Back

On the back, it can be another large canvas for men and women. Also, a tattoo on the back can also be hidden. With the pain, it is manageable. When these factors are combined, a man or woman will enjoy a popular location for their favorite tattoo.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it may take a while for the area to heal. You also will need to avoid sleeping on your back for a while until healing is complete.

The Bicep

When you want a tattoo location that has tattoos displayed, then the bicep is a good spot. This part can also be where you can have the tattoo shown off and especially when you plan to make a “sleeve”. If you are planning to have your tattoo emphasized by working out at the gym, then this part will be good. While the amount of pain may be low, the bicep may become tender.

The Upper Arm

When you are looking for a dynamic place for your tattoo then the upper arm will allow the tattoo to grow. This area can also allow the tattoo to flow onto other parts of your shoulder. When you have the tattoo on an upper arm or shoulder, it will age nicely. This will be due to the lack of lines. When you work out, the tattoo will also provide a nice aesthetic in the design.

The Forearm

A tattoo on your forearm was not popular in the past due to them not being hidden easily as compared to the other areas described. However, as time went on the tattoo on the forearm has grown in popularity and the perception of tattoos has changed. As tattoos have become more accepted, the number of tattoos on forearms has grown.

Choose Your Best Spot

Now that you have an idea of where the best spots are for your tattoo, you can make a visit to the top tattoo shop in the Northwoods shopping area in order to see your tattoo become a reality. Contact Firme Copias today to see what will look good on you.

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