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With tattoos growing in popularity, there are many reasons to pay a visit to the top tattoo shop in Selma. Besides personal reasons, there are a few that concern the tattoo artist themself. Below are a few things that you will experience when you walk into Firme Copias.

A great amount of Organization

When you want a tattoo to look great and without having to take so long, then it is important for them to be as organized as possible. When they are organized, their reputation will remain positive. Plus, when the tattoo artist is organized, it lets you see their level of professionalism and dedication to their trade.
Plus, there is a lot of equipment involved with tattooing and they need to know what they have and how much they have before they begin a tattoo. The last thing that you want is for your tattoo artist to run out of ink.


When you have a tattoo idea and you take it to your tattoo artist for their input, there needs to be a good amount of flexibility. This flexibility will allow the artist to work alongside a client and not against them. Although it can be a challenge to have a client listen to advise, being flexible will be able to provide both the artist with a client and the client with what they want.

The Details Shine Through

With a tattoo being art, it is important to have detail in mind. The details are an important factor in art and help it to shine through the way it is designed. Your tattoo artist needs to be able to pay attention and have a picture in their head of all of the details that are involved and being able to put the vision on the skin is a skill they need to possess.

They Own Their Artistic Ability

Although tattoo artist needs to be artistic, they also need to be able to own their artistic ability since it is their livelihood. Plus, the tattoos they create will live on through their customers and a bad tattoo can become a nightmare for many.

While it may take years to develop a great artistic ability, there are many tattoo artists who have the natural ability to ink art. At the top tattoo shop in Selma, the tattoo artists all have a great amount of artistic ability to give you what you desire.

Their Work Ethic Is Solid

In order for a tattoo artist to become a great one, their work ethic needs to be solid. There is a lot that goes into tattooing besides the finished product, such as paperwork, supplies, and planning.
These are all important aspects of a great tattoo artist and can provide you with a great sense of pride in having your tattoo inked by them.

Have Your Tattoo Become A Reality

When you have your tattoo idea in mind, you need to find a tattoo artist who adapts themself to your idea through the traits we listed above. The traits above are what you’ll find with the tattoo artists at Firme Copias. So make your appointment today.

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  • Texas Monthly published a feature on Selma in 1974, describing it as “the perfect speed trap”
  • Following the establishment of the Stagecoach Stop, Selma opened its first post office in 1856
  • Kenneth Raymond Fleenor
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