Find the Best Tattoo Artist at Firme Copais

The tattoo you end up with depends greatly on the artist working on it. The biggest mistake is to have an amateur or inexperienced tattoo artist practice on you. If you do not want to risk such a thing happening to you, then consider visiting Firme Copais for the best tattoo artist experience. We employ only the best in the industry, take them through a rigorous test, and retrain them to deliver standards that match our clients’ needs. 

We are An Award-winning Team

We have not made it this far in a highly competitive industry by being mediocre. On the contrary, our services often speak for themselves. If you wonder how we have consistently delivered quality services all these years, you will be pleased to note that the secret lies in our team. Every artist in the group works to fulfill the mission and core of our business, which is to deliver quality without compromising the client’s individuality. Our artists continually improve themselves by being innovative and creative all the time. There is no telling what an artist will create next when given the freedom to think outside the box. All you can be sure of is that it will turn out great.

Ability to Transform any Design into a Tattoo

One of the most exciting things about our artists is their level of skills. Each of the artists working for us is considered the best tattoo artist in their own right. They are all uniquely different, which makes everyone in our team exceptional. Once you walk into the shop for a service, we will match you with the right artist for your needs. We have different categories of artists in the team, all of whom specialize in different things. This strategy ensures all our clients get what they ask for. Whether you come in for a color tattoo or want something simple and customized, you can bet that there will be an expert ready to attend to you.

Our Artists have a Portfolio for your Perusal.

One of the things that make us unique is that you do not have to know what you want when you come to us. Just like any good tattoo artist will do, we have a ready-made portfolio for you to check and compare. This portfolio contains most, if not all, of the previous tattoos done at the shop. You can always look at previous work done and decide what comes close to what you desire. Once you choose a design, one of our artists will work and bring the design to life. 

Safe and Sanitary

All our artists are trained to work in clean stations. This level of cleanliness, coupled with the fact that we use top-notch products, ensures that our clients are comfortable and safe. It also promotes quick healing. 

Our tattoo shop has an excellent reputation in San Antonio – 78251, 78250, 78238, 78253, 78245 because of how good we are. It would be great serving you any day. Kindly call us on (210) 560-1570 for more details on bookings.