Neo Traditional Tattoos

14 February 2022 / By FirmeCopias

Neo Traditional Tattoos 

Visit the best shop in San Antonio for various San Antonio tattoos. You will be surprised at how many different types of tattoo styles exists once you come to Firme Copias for inquiry. Talk to the lead tattoo artist in San Antonio and learn more about tattoos. One of the styles that will pick your interest and leave you wanting to know more would be the neo traditional tattoos. These are unique and will always stand out.

What are Neo Traditional Tattoos?

As one of the best tattoo shops in San Antonio, the artists at the shop will ensure you first understand each style you want before they begin working on it. The last thing anyone wants is an unsatisfied customer who regrets after the work because they were not sure or adequately informed about the tattoo. Neo traditional tattoos are a tattoo style that comprises illustrative looks, bold lines, and highly saturated modern colors.  One gets the feeling that these tattoos have a dimension without seeming exaggerated or being a 3D tattoo. This makes it unique and different, so it is a favorite for many people. Usually, the average tolerable session for this kind of tattoo, considering the details, is about 5 hours. Some artists make it a 7-hour session if you can tolerate it. It could be done in fewer hours than the average in some cases.

Influences of the Neo Traditional Tattoo

Like it is with everything else, tattoos have a beginning. Once you visit the best tattoo shop in San Antonio, Firme Copias, you will learn that this tattooing style follows the practice's technical rules. While the line widths may be different, a few things remain similar. For instance, the black outlines are common, like easy-to-see large designs. Other distinct features include the composition clarity, black carbon barrier holding the color, themes with commonalities. However, they are still different in striking colors and lush details. This could be due to past stylistic influences, especially from artistic movements that inspired tattoo artists. Most of the ancient tattoos in this style came about due to protecting and preserving culture. Numerous artists came into existence as movements resulted from this desire. A few renowned tattoo artists were also born during this era. What artists and tattoo lovers appreciate today is that the forerunners started something beautiful that continues to be a great source of aesthetics even though the context may have changed over the years.  If you would like more information about tattoo designs and tattoos contact the tattoo experts at Firme Copias in San Antonio at 210-853-5479 or visit