Why you Should Always Go for Black & Gray Tattoos

Tattoos come in different colors depending on one’s preference. While some people love their tattoos in bright colors, others prefer the more fabulous grey and black tones. There is something unique about black & gray tattoos that make them stand out. Maybe it is the fact that these kinds of tattoos are the root of black and gray realism or the fact they originated from the Chicano culture in East LA and quickly moved to LA prisons in the 70s before finding their way to sophisticated tattoo shops across the globe. Either way, these types of tattoos tend to be more popular. However, they require skilled hands to bring them out ideally. Such is the kind of service you will get at Firme Copais in San Antonio, Texas – 78227, 78226, 78237, 78236, 78228.

Why we Excel at Black and Gray Tattoos

All tattoo artists at Firme Copais understand how intricate and authentic black and grey tattoos are. For us, these are not ordinary tattoos despite their popularity. We put in the effort and ensure that they come out as they should. The best black & gray tattoos must be bold, beautiful, and intense. You need experienced and talented artists to help you achieve this goal. Not all tattoo experts can bring out the beauty in gray and black tattoos. 

Fortunately, we at Firme Copais will ensure that your black & gray tattoos are equally as beautiful as colored ones, if not better. Moreover, our inks are of the best quality. This contributes to successfully achieving great tattoo qualities. You should also be consoled by the fact that our black and gray tattoos will serve you long before needing a retouch, thanks to the excellent quality of ink used and the perfect craftsmanship applied.

Different Designs

One may think that black and gray cannot work for different designs. On the contrary, these are probably the best colors to bring out any image. Our artists will ensure that the tattoo is conspicuous enough, depending on your skin tone. We will ensure that this style also stands out.

For the Love of Art

You can never go wrong with choosing to have your black and gray tattoo done at our shop. We have the best artists with the right skills and techniques to bring out the best images. You will notice that every tattoo handled by our experts will be marked by excellent fine and exquisite shading. You are also likely to note how realistic images in this style are. 

Artists can only achieve this level of expertise at Firme Copais because of years of practice and constant improvement. If you want a perfect black and gray tattoo in San Antonio, Texas – 78227, 78226, 78237, 78236, 78228 you should visit us. Ask for a portfolio of previously done work and decide which images work best for you. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that our artists will be able to pull it brilliantly.

Talk to us via our phone number (210) 560-1570 and learn more about the gray and black tattooing style. It may just be what you go for next.