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Brad was born and raised in the military town of Wichita Falls, TX. Growing up, all he saw were tattoo shops outside Sheppard Air Force Base on his way to his grandmother’s house everyday after school. At the age of 5, she encouraged him to draw to pass the time.

His first drawing was a Ninja Turtle crayon art that was so big he had to tape two pieces of paper to get the whole body. It was taped on his grandmother’s closet door and was buried with her when she passed away.

Brad’s favorite subject in highschool was art and Mr. Smith, his teacher of four years encouraged him to find a way to make a living with his art. So naturally, he turned to tattoos after growing up seeing the shops everyday. After graduating from the University of Phoenix with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communications, he apprenticed in 2012 and became fully licensed by the Wichita Falls Health Department by 2013.

During his apprenticeship he learned various styles of tattooing but have always had a particular interest in black and grey tattoos. Finding new ways to add depth and dimension to his tattoos, he’s constantly polishing his technique. Most of his work is drawn right on the skin of the client, but when he does portraits, he uses exact copies of the picture.

After working at A Different Drummer and Altered Images, two of the best shops in Wichita Falls, he decided to move to one of the biggest tattoo hot spots in the country. So here he is, in the best city in Texas, doing what he loves, with the best team any artist can ask for.

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