Preparing for a piercing

14 March 2022 / By firmecopias

Preparing for a piercing

It doesn't matter where you want your piercing done. Getting the right experts to do it safely matters more. Fortunately, you can always trust your San Antonio tattoos experts. Besides being the best tattoo shop in San Antonio, Firme Copias also deals with piercings, something it has done for years now. Just like a committed team of experts handling the tattoo section, piercing experts at Firme Copias have years of experience and skills to help you get your desired piercing without any mishap. They use the best quality products that guarantee your safety. However, before deciding to get pierced, regardless of the pierce location, you may want to prepare for it well. You may be asked to do certain things to make the process easier on you.

Focus on Your Health

This means that you should get a few things right, just as you would when visiting tattoo shops in San Antonio for a procedure. It would be best if you got enough sleep the day before, ate adequately at least two hours before the procedure, tried to relax and calm your anxious feeling as well as avoided alcohol. It is also important to be well-hydrated during this period to make things easier for you. Make sure it is water since other drinks will not count much.

Have a Positive Mindset

Piercings turn out great if you choose the right piercer. You do not have to worry since you visit the best piercer, just as you would go to the right tattoo artist in San Antonio. Do not imagine negative things that could interfere with your mindset. Instead, focus on the positives and always think about what could go right at all times. 

Get Pierced when Healthy

Some people push themselves too hard, which explains how they get piercings even when unique. While this may seem like a powerful thing to do, it is not correct. It could interfere with the healing process. It would be best to allow your body to handle one thing at a time to avoid making inevitable mistakes. Avoid getting pierced when stressed or sick. You can push the appointment further and visit when your mind is in the right state to handle things better. 

Be Hygienic

This is significantly more important for sensitive piercings like genital piercings. You have to shave or wax to remove the hair. You also want to be very clean around this time. Besides that, never get a piercing if you know you will be sexually active soon after. Lastly, let the jewelry in this area stay on for at least 12 months to be sure it is healed.  If you would like more information about tattoo designs and tattoos contact the tattoo experts at Firme Copias in San Antonio at 210-853-5479 or visit