Preparing for a Tattoo Appointment

14 March 2022 / By firmecopias

Preparing for a Tattoo Appointment

Getting San Antonio tattoos does not have to be a complicated process. It can be easy if you know where to start and go. However, besides finding the right tattoo artist in San Antonio, you must prepare yourself for the big day. Depending on the tattoo you will be getting, this process can be anything from a few hours to the whole day. With this in mind, you have to be adequately prepared for whatever comes with it.

Get Enough Sleep the Previous Night

When scouting for the right tattoo expert such as Firme Copias, you will have to visit one of the tattoo shops in San Antonio for inquiry. We will link you up with our expert tattoo artists, who will explain the details when you come. One of the things you may hear is the need to get enough sleep before the tattoo day. Getting well-rested the previous night ensures that you are in tune with your body. This is important as it helps you communicate better with your artist, letting them know what you feel. They will understand how to adjust the procedure if your body is too sensitive. Moreover, pain can only prolong the procedure if not appropriately handled. The best tattoo shop in San Antonio will ensure that you are in your most relaxed state before they begin any procedures. This is something you are guaranteed whenever you visit Firme Copias for an appointment.

Proper Hydration is Key

Before sitting down on the massage chair, make sure that you have correctly hydrated your body before. Experts advise that you take a lot of water at least 24 hours before the tattoo procedure. While water is generally great for one's health, it will also make the tattooing procedure easier. Note that hydrated skin takes ink a lot better than one that is not adequately hydrated. You can bring a water bottle to drink even during the tattoo session.

Shave and Mositurize

Once you know where the tattoo will be, consider shaving the area clean. You may have to do it twice or thrice a week before the procedure. If you are not comfortable with shaving, have someone assist you. This could be very instrumental in helping avoid razor bumps and other forms of irritations. You could also consider waxing as long as you do it in advance to allow the area to heal. Constantly moisturize the area as well. Shower and moisturize constantly. On the day of the tattoo, bring snacks and drinks and dress the part to give the artist an easy time.  If you would like more information about tattoo designs and tattoos contact the tattoo experts at Firme Copias in San Antonio at 210-853-5479 or visit