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With tattooing being an art form, you need to be able to work on any type of canvas, including the skin. However, the skin can be difficult at times and this difficulty depends on which part of the body the tattoo will be at. While there are places that a tattoo should stay away from, the main reason will be the skin’s thickness. A good example is the collarbone where the skin is a lot thinner as opposed to an arm or leg.

You also need to understand the type of skin you have before getting your tattoo and your age. So the older you get, the thinner the skin will become. Below are some areas that are more sensitive when getting tattooed.

The Armpit

In the armpit area, it can be difficult to tattoo due to the extra skin in the area. When a tattoo is attempted in the armpit, the skin needs to be stretched in order for the shape to be maintained. This also makes it difficult for a tattoo to be placed.

The Abdomen

The abdominal area also has extra skin which can make it difficult to place a tattoo. Also, the abdomen can be a very painful area for a tattoo. In fact, the pain experienced in the abdominal area can be greater than in any other part of the body, and this pain can make it hard to complete a tattoo.

The Rib Cage

Having a tattoo on the rib cage is difficult because the skin in the area not being very stretchable. Plus, the ribs themself can cause some difficulty due to the bumpy characteristics when stretching is accomplished.
Having a tattoo on the ribs can easily become a failure due to the amount of pain and uncomfortableness you will experience. When the amount of tension on the skin is not correct or if you flinch from pain, then the tattoo could easily turn into a nightmare.

The Face And Hands

If you want an easy tattoo placed, then you should stay away from placing any on your face or hands. This is especially true for those who work in a professional business setting. Not only that, but they can be difficult to keep covered.

It is important to understand that the skin on the face and hands is thin so if the ink is not placed in the correct layer of skin, a blowout may occur. If a blowout takes place, then the ink will spread and create one big mess of color. Plus, when the hands move as much as they do, the colors could end up fading a lot faster.

The Throat

Getting a tattoo on your throat will be difficult due to how your chin and jaw are curved. This curvature may result in difficulty in manipulating the tattoo machine. This may also cause you to feel stressed and result in a poor tattoo.

Ensure The Location Is Desirable

Having your tattoo should not be in a difficult location. However, if it is, then you will love knowing that the tattoo artists at your local tattoo shop in Live Oak will do everything possible to ensure the tattoo looks great. So get in touch with Firme Copias today.

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