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When you visit your area tattoo shop in Shavano Park, you can take your design of choice and the location, you will need to be able to take care of the tattoo afterward so that it heals properly. Plus, the process of healing can be as long as several months due to the amount of change that takes place within your skin.

Expectations of Healing

During the tattoo, you will notice the tattoo artist wipe your tattoo throughout the process. This will be to wipe away the blood and ensure that the ink is applied properly. Once the tattoo is complete, there may be bleeding present. This bleeding will not last long and will stop once the recovery process begins. You may also see clear blood plasma oozing which is the body’s way to heal.

Method To Manage Your Skin

Once the tattoo is complete, the tattoo artist will clean the area and initiate aftercare. This will involve using a small amount of antibiotic cream applied to the tattoo. It will then be dressed in a wrap such as plastic wrap.

Your tattoo artist will then instruct you to keep it wrapped for a day which will prevent bacteria from entering the fresh tattoo and eliminate skin irritation. You will also see redness in the area and even itchiness as it heals. These symptoms can be relieved with ice being applied.

When you take the wrap off, you will need to keep the tattoo moist by applying lotion. Any type of skin lotion will work too. In order to keep your tattoo healing well you need to take a few steps while at home.

Maintain Tattoo Cleanliness

Every day, the tattoo needs to be washed and cleaned so that there is no chance for bacteria to infect the area. The area needs to be cleaned and washed using warm water and cleanser. This should be for a couple of days at first and then at least once a day for a few weeks.

Apply Lotion

After the area is clean, it needs to be moisturized using lotion or other moisturizers on a daily level. When the skin is lotioned, there will be less chance of scabbing, which can cause the healing to take longer. A lotion that is thicker in properties should be used

Apply Sun Protection

When you are taking care of your tattoo, it is important to apply sun protection to the tattoo. This will maintain a nice tattoo and ensure its integrity is upheld. Due to the ink being in your dermis, it is able to allow the tattoo to fade if it does not have sun protection. You can prevent fading, try to keep the tattoo out of the sun if you don’t apply sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 on a daily basis.

Get Your Tattoo Taken Care Of

By maintaining your tattoo, you are able to decrease your chances of infection. The tattoo artists at Firme Copias take great care in ensuring that your tattoo is cared for following your tattoo. So when you are ready, stop by your area Shavano Park tattoo shop today.

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