Tattoo Aftercare

21 February 2022 / By FirmeCopias

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos are great but can be very sensitive, incredibly when fresh. First, you must get your tattoo done by the best tattoo shop in San Antonio to start with. Once professionals with experience working on your tattoo, your chances of healing increase, and it becomes easier to recover. However, even with the right tattoo artist in San Antonio having worked on your tattoo, aftercare is essential to recovery and proper healing. You need to understand the dos and don'ts of tattoos if you want them to turn out beautiful. Keep reading to know what you must do and what you should always avoid.

The Do's

Once you have your perfect San Antonio tattoos done by the right tattoo shops in San Antonio, such as Firme Copias, you need to know how to care for them until they are completely healed. Remember that the tattoo will behave like a wound since the skin has been affected. A few aftercare tips come in handy to hasten recovery and prevent any abnormal development, which could cause complications. Some of the things you ought to do include:
  1. Listening to your artist. Remember, the tattoo artist is experienced and aware of what may happen to your tattoo in certain circumstances. Since they are the expert, it helps to pay attention to their instructions. The chances are that the artist will cover the tattoo with a sterile absorbing pad and a bandage once they are done with the session. Besides that, they will give you specific instructions on how and when to uncover and clean the area once you are home. Be sure to disclose any existing allergies with the artist in case of irritation from adhesives.
  2. Wash the tattoo with mild antibacterial soap that is designed for tattoo care.
  3. Dry the tattoo with a fresh towel or an antimicrobial washcloth that is meant explicitly for tattoos.
  4. Apply anti-inflammatory balm to minimize swelling and redness.
  5.  Minimize pain by applying anesthetic sprays on the tattoos.
  6. Always wear loose-fitting clothes and expose the tattoo as much as possible to promote faster healing.

Things you Must Never Do

Now that you understand what to do, you need to observe a few don'ts strictly. 
  1. Avoid removing the bandage too soon and keep your tattoo covered for as long as is recommended by the artists who worked on it.
  2. Don't clean the tattoo with hot water as it causes pores to open and interferes with quick healing.
  3. Never soak the new tattoo or put it under running water.
  4. Avoid ripping off the bandage or cold water to break the adhesive until there is no more pain.
  5. Don't go swimming or tanning.
There are a lot of rules to be observed with a new tattoo before it heals. Keep to the instructions, and you will be okay. If you would like more information about tattoo designs and tattoos contact the tattoo experts at Firme Copias in San Antonio at 210-853-5479 or visit